Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gmail Redesigns It's Compose Interface

Google is upgrading and redesign of the Gmail compose functionality that will save heavy email users a lot of time. The new compose window would not take up the entire large frame of your Gmail anymore. Instead, it will look like a larger version of the Gchat window that you’re used to.

As Google points out, going back and finding information from other emails so that you can write the one you’re working on is a huge time suck. The new floating compose window will allow you to reference old messages without breaking the flow of what you’re writing. In addition, Google’s tweaking the “To”, “CC” and “BCC” address lines so that profile images of your contacts show up when you start typing in their names.

I have to say that the Window function for new emails has always been there, if you hold the shift button, then press compose. I think now they are just making it the default.
The pictures thing will be nice to see. Not sure how many of my contacts will have pic attached, as the majority are work emails.
I madly love Gmail, and use it madly, with two different addresses for 2 very well used purposes, so anything to make the experience smoother, the better.

( Via Gizmodo)

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